Service Level Agreements

Service Level Agreements

Otto Communication Systems prides itself in offering world class support and maintenance to our customers on an ongoing basis, with one goal- Reduce downtime. Our SLA’s cover everything from hosted services, reticulation and connectivity.


The Otto Pulse. As much as it’s a phrase like any other, it is our stamp, backed with the quality assurance that your business is supported by a connection that is as constant as the spinning earth. We are always there. We look to improve your business by holding up our end of the deal and prioritise your business when it needs it most.

Can you service all types of businesses?

A call center requires different attention compared to a small office with 5 employees however, the attention to detail remains the same.

  • Maintenance agreements
  • Ad hoc work on an SLA basis
  • Service Requests
  • Once off call outs

We also provide a custom solution for your specific ICT needs.