Have Any Questions?

At OCS we understand that every company and individual that we deal with has their own unique needs, specific requirements, desires, and budgets.

Once we understand what the requirements are, how we will be catering to these needs, and you feel comfortable with what is required we then consider how you would like to purchase the solution and what kind of services will be required on the ongoing maintenance of the solution.

Some of the key factors we take into consideration are the following;

First and foremost - Your needs

We do a needs analysis of what you as the customer need the system to do once it has been rolled out, for example high speed internet to communicate with servers and transmit real time CCTV to control room while not interfering with call quality and streaming services for instance

Then we look at what is required of each piece of hardware

CCTV for the entrance gate must be able to Pan, tilt and zoom for example or your servers must be able to be remotely accessed via VPN by consultants working abroad

Your industry and work environment(s)

Executive office, call centres, basic offices, mines, delivery vehicles all have very specific requirements and we have a solution for each of them.

Your desired look and feel

While you as a consultant or director may need a small sleek device to have access to your teams, your staff and your data while presenting a professional image, a driver may just need to read messages, scan and share documents with a device that’s battery life can last 2 days and won’t break if dropped.


We do a complete cost analysis.

As a company grows and even as time goes by, we rarely take a deep critical look at our expenditure – so long as everything is working as it should be! Often, we find customers are paying for infrastructure that has not been used in years or is simply no longer a service or asset the company requires.
As an example, to this day we will still go into a customer that is being billed for analogue copper reticulation and RJ15 wall jacks while the entire office is running off of an IP Hosted Environment.

By the end of the process, we aim to provide you the customer with a solution that is going to do a handful of things – Make you money – Save you money – Provide you with the security of your goods and Data without costing you an arm and a leg – provide accessibility and convenience and save you time. (and in most instances actually save you money).

Purchasing of Hardware and Services

“A big part of financial freedom is having your heart and mind free from worry about the what-ifs of life.” ~ Suze Orman

In an almost-post pandemic world, now more than ever companies and individuals do not have large capital amounts laying around to purchase hardware outright. Afterall why should you? If we look at a modern ICT solution, as previously mentioned, every month – it should be making you money, saving you money, and safeguarding what is precious to you.

That is why we have finance solutions, service level agreements and Adhoc services to suite any pocket.

That is why we at OCS can confidently say we are an ICT SP that provides truly holistic solutions.

Yes, on both data and voice connectivity!

Yes you can, your network infrastructure is our key focus, we check your current network compatibility and determine if your current network can facilitate the bandwidth speeds of your new hardware.

Yes, we like to maintain industry leading standards of neatness, No cables sticking out or laying around and untagged cables in your cabinets.

Yes we can, Simply laying short runs of reticulation to the new location allows us to move your current infrastructure without rewiring your entire network.

We have partnered with the industries largest and most trusted providers to give you the highest quality and lowest rate available

Yes you can, all of your numbers will stay with you and can be ported too!

Absolutely, you can send and receive calls remotely. The Otto Pulse is everywhere!

Not necessarily,  all businesses and applications are different, we need to do an analysis of what will be the best solution for you.