Infinite capabilities - a lifetime of possibilities.

We’ll provide you with the fastest fibre, microwave or 5G from order to installation and most importantly – ongoing support and maintenance.

We have the latest technology to help your business succeed in today’s fast-paced world. Our team of experts will work with you to find the right solution that fits your needs, so you can focus on what matters most – running your business.

*Based on the availability

We partner with a variety of service providers to offer you the best connectivity and network rates on the market. When it comes to your business, nothing but the best will do! Wired or wireless connectivity, our team has got you covered! 

  • Fast and reliable connectivity solutions. 
  • High speed uncapped fibre, microwave, 5G and LTE infrastructure.
  • Routers, dishes and antennas 
  • PoE, access points, switches and high-speed cat6 cabling

Is your business in need of a data solution with no caps?

Fibre is the fastest, most reliable infrastructure on the market. With no data caps, speeds based on your ICT network and forecasted growth requirements. We have the fibre solution that will match the size and requirements of your business. 

  • Reliable infrastructure. 
  • No throttling. 
  • High speeds.

Does your business model require the continuous transfer of large amounts of data?

Whether that be to your customers or to your employees. Microwave links offer broadband internet connectivity, allowing for the transfer of large files at high speeds. 

As an alternative to fibre connectivity, your employees will gain a better internet experience with lower latency when compared to fibre optics. Get connected and allow our experts to complete the installation for you !

  • No fixed lines.
  • Replaces low LTE signal. 
  • High speed internet and high capacity. 
  • Stable and reliable connectivity. 
  • Useful in urban areas without fixed line accessibility. 
LTE and 5G

Rather than plucking at fibres, use a wireless solution instead?

With 5G connections, your devices will receive massive amounts of data from all angles. This new data can help your business better understand infrastructure needs, consumer patterns and provide improved and secure connections between a company’s network, infrastructure, and stored data 

Look forward to faster speeds to log onto meetings, multiple devices connected to one internet source and the ease of downloading content within seconds. 

  • Portable. 
  • Low Installation costs. 
  • Wider coverage compared to fibre.
  • Economically viable.