Creating scalable solutions.

At OCS we deliver comprehensive network solutions for your business around a user-centric approach to be optimised for performance.

The OCS Pulse

Managing bespoke connectivity solutions for businesses small and large, we offer the following:

Overview Management

Centralised management of Wi-Fi networks and distributed multisite installations makes it easy to maintain a single view across all your locations.

Process Optimisation

Identify which applications are being used and then prioritise critical apps while limiting recreational ones.


Multi-layered configurations available custom suited for your business.


Our solutions are fully scalable, ensuring a low barrier for entry for small to medium sized businesses and a strategic input to insure your current solution is capable to facilitate your organisations growth .

Connecting the pulse

Reticulation is the foundation of our convergence solution and connects all our products and expertise, enabling us to offer advanced physical network solutions that include:

  • Structured Cabling
  • Turnkey Infrastructure Installation
  • Consultation, Design, Maintenance, and Fault Detection
  • Outsourced Management and customised SLA’s


Yes, on both data and voice connectivity!

Yes you can, your network infrastructure is our key focus, we check your current network compatibility and determine if your current network can facilitate the bandwidth speeds of your new hardware.

Yes, we like to maintain industry leading standards of neatness, No cables sticking out or laying around and untagged cables in your cabinets.

Yes we can, Simply laying short runs of reticulation to the new location allows us to move your current infrastructure without rewiring your entire network.